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10 Year Warranty

The products DESS Dental Smart Solutions, processes and services provided by
TERRATS MEDICAL SL meet the requirements of the International Standard ISO
13485 regarding the Quality Management System as well as the requirements of
the European Medical Device Directive 93/42 CEE.

The products DESS undergo a strict Quality Control and are identified by the
corresponding reference and batch number, ensuring the complete traceability of
the information associated to every each product.

Furthermore, they meet the Essential Requirements established in the corresponding
national and international rules related to the performance of the product and
patient safety.

replacement of our products without additional costs if they have material or
manufacturing defects or they do not comply with our quality standards.

The guarantee period for our products is 10 (ten) years from delivery.
No guarantee is given:

  • For damage to our products due to external effects such as an accident or
  • comparable incidents, as well as medical malpractice.
  • For further claims and consequential damages such as laboratory charges or
  • the costs of clinical and/or dental treatment.

This voluntary guarantee is in addition to the guarantee rights defined by law and
the product liability and does not affect them. In addition, our General Terms and
Conditions of Sale shall apply.

The assignment of rights from this guarantee requires our consent.

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