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AngleBase® Angulated Screw Channel

Does DESS offer angulated screws similar to Nobel's Omnigrip?

Yes DESS offers a wide selection of different AngleBase® angulated screws for multiple implant systems that utilize a unique ball driver compatible with all these screws.

AngleBase® Angulated Screw Channel Latch Style Driver

AngleBase® Angulated Screw

The current application for the AngleBase® angulated screws is specifically for milling centers who are designing custom abutments and using either an entire block of titanium, premilled interface block, or a block of chrome cobalt.

Dental Labs and dentist have taken the AngleBase® angulated screw, which has a head length and diameter larger than the standard abutment screw and they will rubber wheel it to reduce the screw head length and diameter. They can placed these into the ti bases as well as casted parts using our all plastic abutments. This alteration will void the DESS warranty.

Below is a list of available AngleBase® angulated screws and drivers. More will be added over the next few months. With one driver you can utilize the same screw head design for multiple implant systems.

AngleBase® Angulated Screws - Compatibility List Platform Part SKU
Nobel Replace® 3.5 / NP 19.304
Nobel Replace® 4.3 - 5.0 / RP-WP 19.305
Nobel Active® 3.5 / NP 19.327
Nobel Active® 4.3 - 5.0 / RP-WP 19.328
Straumann® Bone Level NC / RC 19.311
Straumann® Tissue Level/Synocta RN / WN 19.328
Zimmer®/BioHorizons®/Legacy®/Internal Hex 3.5 / 4.5 / 5.7 19.312
MIS® 3.5 19.327
3i Certain® 3.4 / 4.1 / 5.0 19.311
Multiunit - Nobel®, Zimmer®, Straumann® Bone Level 19.306
Branemark® 3.5 / NP 19.327
Branemark® 4.3 / RP 19.328
Branemark® 5.0 / WP 19.329
Latch Style Drivers for AngleBase® Angulated Screws Part SKU
20mm length DT20TB06
24mm length DT24TB06
35mm length DT35TB06

AngleBase® Angulated Screw Channel Ti Bases