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DESS LOC Abutments

The DESS® LOC Abutments external design assures full compatibility with the abutments traditionally used for such solutions. This means DESS® LOC Abutments can be used in old restorations without any problems.

In addition to the already known advantages of the traditional components, DESS® has added some improvements that makes DESS® LOC Abutments the better solution for such restorations.

These improvements come mainly from the exclusive coating of Zirconia Nitride (ZrN*), a fully bio-compatible material which increases the hardness of the DESS® LOC abutment surface. Additionally it decreases the coefficient of friction in comparison to the traditionally used titanium nitride and vastly outperforms some of the low-quality alternatives which have no coating or are simply anodized.

DESS LOC product line is not affiliated with Zest® IP Holdings LLC or Zest® or Locator® . Locator® is registered trademark of a Zest® IP Holdings LLC.