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Does DESS make components compatible with Ankylos® and how are they different?

DESS makes compatible components for Ankylos® with several design advantages including:

  1. internal safety threads on abutments to reduce chance of engaging element bending
  2. removable screw
  3. various collar heights depending on depth of implant placement

1. Internal Safety Threads

These internal safety threads inside of the DESS compatible Ankylos® abutments provides the peace of mind that the screw cannot fall out of the abutment unless the user consciously chooses to unscrew the screw from the abutment. By having this internal abutment thread to keep the screw in situ then all external pressure on the engaging elements is supported by the screw and it is virtually impossible to bend them.

So the “instructions for use” should be to ensure that the screw is threaded through the abutment whilst restoration takes place and before placing in the analog or implant. If this precaution is observed the engaging elements remain safe from possible damage. If for any given reason, the screw needs to be removed, place it back again in its “safe” position before applying any loads on the abutment. In order to prove the resistance of this modified design DESS has conducted a static stress test on the 2mm high Ti base and the results are quite impressive as the load to bend them is clearly above 500N at 30º.

2. Removeable Screw

The Anyklos® abutments have a two-part screw with the thread is wider than the shaft and screw hole and is laser welded to the shaft in situ. It cannot be removed. With a preference for using a traditional removable screw, DESS has increased the hole diameter. To accommodate the use of a normal screw, the thickness of the engaging elements are reduced due to the widened screw channel. This can be seen best in the left hand image just below, as well as in the picture next to it.

3. Various Collar Heights

Due to the depth of the implant being placed DESS offers multiple collar height depths to accommodate the restorations.