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What type of abutment screws does DESS manufacture?

DESS makes over 90 different screws for the various implant systems. Within the DESS Catalog there is a "Screw Selection Guide" which has detailed measurements of all the screws we offer, this includes: single unit, multiunit/bridge, diamond/carbon coated (DLC), and angulated channel screws.

All of the screws are made according to the same screw sockets of the manufacturers. For example, the Nobel® Unigrip/star driver will be used on all our compatible Nobel® screws and the Straumann® Torx driver will be used on all compatible Straumann® screws, etc.

DESS Screws are tested to 150% of the nominal screw torque...how is that possible?

Not all Ti6Ai4V ELI titanium alloys are the same. We work with one European vendor who provides us with ASTM F136 Standard approved titanium. The ASTM F136 requirement is 860MPa for the Ultimate Tensile Strength (Rm). For our screws we utilize a ASTM F136 Standard approved titanium with over 1100 -1200MPa. The screws are stress tested to 150% of the nominal screw torque. For example the DESS compatible screw for Nobel can be torqued to 52.5ncm versus 35ncm.

What are DESS's DLC screws made of?

The DLC coating is Chromium Carbonitride - CrCN which provides a low friction surface, improving the preload of the screw and provide better hold. The Chromium Carbonitride coating is not toxic and has excellent mechanical, tribological and biological properties. It is often used in blood contacting implants such as stents and heart valves and to reduce wear in load bearing joints.