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Rewards Program

What is the Rewards Program?

The rewards program gives our customers points that can be used toward future purchases. NET30 customers are excluded from the program.

Customers have to login to their account and place an order online to accrue points. The reward program does not provide points for call in or email orders.

The Refer a friend points are awarded after the referred customer places an order, not before.

The points are awarded as follows:

  • Create a store account: +200 points (Only 1 account per customer)
  • Make an order: +1 point for every $10 spent
  • Refer a friend: +4,000 points
  • Liking our page on Facebook: +10 points

Earn Reward Points by Referring a Friend

In order to earn points by Referring a Friend you need to select the Refer a Friend box as shown below:

A window will pop up where you can copy the referral link and paste into an email or text message to whomever you choose. The referral will receive a $10 off coupon that they can apply to their first purchase or any purchase thereafter. In order for you to receive 4000 points your referral must create an account and place an order online.

Below is an example of the email the recipient will receive after you have sent them the message using the mail icon.

How to Use Reward Points?

Reward points are used AFTER they are earned on proceeding orders.

The first step is to login to your account and click the DESS Rewards Program on the left side of your screen.

A pop up page will appear. Click the Spend Your Points button.

Now select the Rewards tab on the top. Here you will see the various coupon points you have earned. Select the Coupon you would like to redeem.

The screen will now give you a coupon code to enter during your shopping cart checkout. You will also receive and email with this code. This is only good for one purchase.

The next step is to enter the Coupon Code in the Redeem A Gift Certificate or Coupon box. Continue to next step in the checkout process.

On the Order Confirmation page you will see your applied discount.