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AngleBase® Angulated Ti Bases

DESS® AngleBase® Angulated Ti Bases are available in both versions, engaging and non-engaging, for single as well as multiple dental restorations, is our answer to the increasing demand of angulated screw channel solutions.

Thanks to the unique shaped profile an angled screw insertion of up to 25º angulation with full torque is permitted. Moreover the unique SelectGrip® treatment is applied, maintaining a reliable and strong retention to the dental crown.

The DESS® AngleBase® Angulated Ti Base is made of titanium grade 5 ELI with a gold anodized surface finishing, improving the aesthetic appearance of the final dental restoration.

DESS® AngleBase® Angulated Ti Base together with the Torx® based screws and screwdrivers, offers a complete solution for prosthesis needing an angulated screw channel due to an unfavorable position of the dental implant. They are also integrated in the official DESS libraries for Exocad® , 3Shape® and Dental Wings® .

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