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Scan Bodies

The unique design makes it possible to use the scan abutment for both, for intra-oral scanning and traditional scanning on a model.

On the new DESS®scan abutment is no screw access hole on top which dramatically improves the precision in the z-axis. No screwdriver is needed to attach the DESS® intra-oral scan abutment and the reduced size makes it easy to use in the posterior as well as in other hard to reach mouth areas. It is made of antiglare white PEEK and titanium for its internal screw. In response to requests from around the world this product has been developed to meet demand.

The traditional DESS® scan abutment design, devised by Exocad® and developed together with DESS®, ensures that it is optimized for a wide range of optical scanners.

Integrated into the official Exocad®, 3Shape® and Dental Wings® libraries, it allows jobs to be performed on interfaces both in single and multiple unit restorations given that DESS® provides both engaging and non-engaging interfaces.