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Impression Transfers

DESS® presents Impression Transfers with mild forms allowing the use for both, open and closed trays.

The Impression Transfers have an area of large dimensions to facilitate an easy and safe re-positioning for the closed tray impression. Positioning marks separated 1mm allow the location of the implant head. The Impression Transfers are made of stainless steel AISI-303 for a better preservation of the implant characteristics.

The screw is made of Titanium Grade 5 ELI for use with closed tray has a minimum external height in order to be used in small mouth openings. The screw head for the use with open tray has three tightening systems: stretch marks which allow a direct manual tightening, the hexagon, torx or UG for the tightening with a screwdriver and cutting for the use with a clinical spatula for extreme locations.