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Ti Base Multiunit (RP) - 15.007

Ti Base Multiunit (RP) - 15.007


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    Multiunit ti base which sits ontop of multiunit abutments.  Includes multiunit screw with unigrip/star driver connection (screw part 19.006) and wax up sleeve..

    Many of the multiunit abutments have the same design and same small screw that Nobel multiunits have. This includes multiunits for Branemark, Nobel Replace, Nobel Active, BioHorizions, 3i, and Straumann Bone Level. Currently the multiunit abutments manufactured by Zimmer, Implant Direct, and MIS are proprietary. Therefore 15.007 and all the DESS components that fit on top of the multiunit (17.007, 14.007, 24.007 etc.) will not be compatible with their multiunit abutments. The following screws can be purchased seperately which will fit into the following multiunit abutments - 3i multiunit abutments use screw 19.106 which has the .048 hex connection

    2.  Zimmer or BioHorizons multiunit abutments use screw 19.110 which has the .050 hex connection, Straumann Bone level multiunits use either one of these two screws- 19.104 with a 45 degree angle head base or 19.105 which is a flat seat screw. The final screw is between 1100-1250 MPa , exceeding the standard ASTM F136 (850 MPa) by 250-400 MPa which provides you the ability to torque the DESS screws to 150% of their nominal torque setting. The ti base above the collar is 4.2mm tall with both a flat anti rotational side, step pattern, and SelectGrip sandblasted surface treatment which improves the strength of your cemented crowns up to 5 times. DESS analogs can be used for both stone and 3d printed models along with DESS intraoral and dental lab scan bodies for a complete digital solution.

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